Trust Your Intuition

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Setting intentional working space is an important part of working with your crystals. It sets the tone for the work you are going to do. What is the intention of your Crystal Work? Why are you doing the work you are doing? Is it for study? Is it for energetic healing? Is it to find answers to questions? Is it for protection? Intentions can change as situations change. Only you can determine the specific intention of your work.

We suggest that a part of your intention always be to work in the highest and best good for all. By respecting your Self and your crystal work, both will be successful and rewarding.

Aeolus has written a poem that he reads out loud at the beginning of each of our Crystal Intuitions classes. This poem connects the students to the crystal work that is about to be done. If you like it, please use it. You may change the words so they fit for you. The power of spoken word cannot be underestimated. Words gain energy every time they are spoken.

These words have been spoken for years and in using them, you are joining a spiritual network of Crystal Intuitives.  Pretty neat, right?




  • These are the words I will use to set my intentional space: