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The energy of rose quartz is feminine and receptive. Rose quartz is a doorway to unconditional love.  It can be used to project or to receive unconditional love.  The stone will help you understand that all beings have a right to be loved and accepted (and that includes YOU). If you have difficulty loving or feeling love, carry a piece of rose quartz with you.

Rose quartz helps to bring calm to situations that are stressful and allows you to speak and hear from a place of love.  Do you have friends, family or coworkers that are argumentative?  Take a piece of rose quartz with you when you know you are going someplace where tense words may be spoken. Are you getting together with family for a Holiday dinner and there is a chance everyone may not get along? Make a bowl of rose quartz the center piece of your table.  Can’t sleep at night because you are worried about something? Put a piece of rose quartz under your pillow.  Have a doctor/dentist appointment and you are afraid of what you will hear?  (Example – you need $900 worth of dental work done) Wear rose quartz ear rings.  Need to write a difficult letter (email)?  Wear a rose quartz ring or bracelet on the hand you write with.  See where we are going with this?

The energy of rose quartz is so gentle that even people who are not normally drawn to crystals seem to feel an attraction to it without even knowing why.  Many years ago the company I (Kay) worked for went through a major reorganization.  Everyone was on pins and needles.  I put a bowl of rose quartz on my desk and offered a piece to everyone who stopped by that day.  I told them it was a bowl full of love to get us through the day.  I was amazed at the number of people who accepted that comfort and put a piece in their pocket.

Rose quartz takes us back to a place of innocence when everything was fresh and new.  Meditate with rose quartz in the early morning to start your day at peace and with childlike wonder at the day in front of you.

Rose quartz assists in the energetic healing of childhood traumas.  Keep rose quartz in the room of children.  Meditate with rose quartz to begin the energetic healing of your own childhood trauma.

Rose quartz can begin the healing of heartache. When you heart is tender, rose quartz will hold you in its loving energy with the arms of gentle support while your heart begins to mend. Rose Quartz can help bring acceptance and support in difficult situations like loss, defeat, and anguish. It slowly and steadily streams forth rational, calm, loving energy to moving into wholeness once again.

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love.  While Love is one of the most profound energies on Mother Earth,  energy of this magnitude can sometimes be difficult to comprehend.  Rose quartz gently introduces you to the idea of Love. Emotional disharmony like depression, fear, indifference, self-sabotage, and self-abuse can take years to develop and can be very resistant to the energy of Love.

Aeolus teaches our students this meditation.  Close your eyes and imagine that YOU ARE A BOAT on the ocean.  Now, imagine the boat (YOU) are sailing directly toward the Island of Destructive Behavior. Now, take a piece of Rose Quartz and place it on the boat.  Feel the energy of the Rose Quartz as it takes the helm and slowly and gently begin tuning the boat, steering it toward the Isle of Love. There is no pressure, no hurry, no demands, just a slow and steady journey from self-destruction to self-love.

Rose Quartz helps you see beauty in every situation. Cheery and pleasant, it can take even the biggest challenge and begin to plan a way to persevere. Love is possible and it’s never lost for long. With this stone try the Mantra “I forgive my Self and Others and begin again in Love.” Repeating this mantra will help bring you into Rose Quartz energy.

Rose Quartz will not force you to into the energy of Love. It gently offers you an option other than hate. It is excellent for people stuck in cycles of self-hatred. This stone emits a supportive energy during the trials of Life. It facilitates coming to terms with and beginning healing places of pain and sorrow.

Rose Quartz is associated with springtime. It offers a promise of renewal and the potential to begin again in love. Excellent stone for people who are easily spooked or frightened.

Much Love and Crystal Blessings,

Kay Langley and Aeolus Crowlaw