The Circle is opening soon

Do you love crystals, gemstones and minerals?

Are you hungry to learn how to use these potent energies to enrich and enhance your everyday life?

Would you love to pick up any crystal and intuitively know how to work with its energy?

Do you want to partner with crystal energy to enhance your soul’s journey into wholeness?

Whether you are a seasoned crystal lover, or a seeker who is eager to learn more, the Crystal Intuition Circle contains the information that will assist you on your journey to Crystal Intuition.

Infused with crystal teachings and concepts from astrology, numerology, the tarot, and other mystical and magical traditions, the Crystal Intuition Circle will provide you with an integrative and well-developed understanding of how to use crystals and their energies in your everyday life.

About the Crystal Intuition Circle

Spiraling through monthly lessons, the Crystal Intuition Circle will support you in deepening your connection to the crystalline world. Covering topics such as how to find and connect with your crystals; how to cleanse and clear their energies, how to use crystals to conduct energy healing for yourself and others- and so much more, the Crystal Intuition Circle will provide you with everything you need to know to trust your intuition and form magical relationships with your crystal allies.

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, the Crystal Intuition Circle is here to support you!


  • You are attracted to the beauty of crystals.
  • You look at your crystals but you are not sure what to do with them.
  • You feel crystals can enhance your life but you’re not sure why or how.
  • You have heard that crystals hold energy and you are ready to explore what that means.
  • The information you research or read in books is conflicting and you are not sure what is the truth.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the crystals that you see and don’t know how you will ever learn everything about them.
  • You are ready to learn about the energetic concepts of crystals.
  • You have a basic understanding of how crystal energy works. You are ready to move from knowing to doing but you are still not sure exactly what to do.
  • You have crystals and you are developing your skills as an energy worker.
  • You are ready for more advanced energy work.
  • You are ready to partner with crystal energy to create a positive impact for yourself, your family, your community and/or the world.
  • You are confident in your Crystal Intuition and you are ready to share that with others
  • You are looking for a community of like-minded crystal lovers.

If you recognized yourself in ANY of these statements then the Crystal Intuition Circle is for you! Begin your journey today and connect with your Crystal Community!

About the Curriculum

The Crystal Intuition Circle will cover a wide range of subject matter—expanding your knowledge on Crystals and accelerating your intuition!

 These are just some of the lessons from the Crystal Intuition Circle:

  • Bonding and connecting with your crystals
  • The meaning and properties behind crystals and their ancient energy
  • Crystal shapes and the direction of their energy flow
  • Understanding crystal through the theory of color
  • How to use crystal combinations intuitively for yourself and others
  • How to facilitate energetic healing
  • Using crystals to balance and awaken your 7 chakras
  • How to perform intuitive crystal readings for yourself and others
  • The magic behind crystal grids—how to create them and activate them


Crystals offer us powerful messages. By listening to and understanding the messages within the stones, you can learn how to empower your own intuition, and bring light, love, energetic healing and peace to yourself and those around you.

    Through relationship with your Crystals, you will be able to bring vibrancy and magic into your life allowing you to:

    • Manifest your dreams
    • Create Abundance
    • Nourish Your Spirit
    • Strengthen Relationships
    • Listen for Guidance
    • Build Community
    • Astral Travel through Meditation
    • Build Sacred Space
    • Balance Chakras
    • Work with Ancestral Energy
    • Create and Manifest Magic in your Life

    ….and so much more

    Inside the Crystal Intuition Circle, you will also learn to work with many crystal tools such as Crystal Balls, Crystal Oracles, Crystal Pendulums, Crystal Wands, Lemurians, Record Keepers and Twin Flames.

    As a member of the Crystal Intuition Circle, you will receive: 

    • A monthly in-depth multimedia crystal lesson which will focus on a specific topic
    • Exercises that will accelerate the development of your intuitive abilities
    • Journal prompts that will allow you to document and integrate your training experience
    • A Crystal of the week lesson to form a deeper bond with a specific Crystal
    • A weekly Q&A Session with Kay via Facebook Live
    • An exclusive Facebook community with other Crystal Intuition Circle members where you can connect, share your crystal stories, find answers to your questions and bond with other heart-centered crystal lovers.

    AND…..Because YOUR Voice is Important.

    The Crystal Intuition Circle will hold a quarterly video conference gathering where you can suggest crystal topics that are of interest to you for future lessons. By sharing our journey with each other, we all bring healing energy to the Circle.