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What better way to start our crystal journey than with clear Quartz.  Quartz is the crystal workers toolbox.  It is an amplifier, recorder and scrying (gazing) tool.  When held, carried, or gazed into, clear quartz activates your intuition and over time can be used to guide you to a mastery of your own unique abilities.

Clear Quartz carries the energy of all the color rays.  Because of that, it can take on the energetic properties of any other crystal.  For example, if you need to work with the energy of malachite, and you don’t have any handy, close your eyes and imagine that your clear quartz carries that energy.  It’s that easy.

Have you ever noticed the rainbows that you see in some pieces of clear Quartz?  Rainbows are a call to school.  When you see a rainbow in a crystal, the crystal is whispering to you “Come here, I have a lesson to teach you”.

Quartz records information. It aids concentration and unlocks your memories. When you attend a meeting, class, seminar or any other activity that requires you to remember information at a later time, take a piece of quartz with you.  You can wear the quartz as jewelry or take a quartz stone in your pocket, purse, shoe or any other place you would like to carry it.  When you need to recall the information you learned, sit in a quiet place and meditate holding that piece of quartz and it will open the doorway to your memory of that event.

Quartz points can be used to direct the flow of energy.  For example, if you need to send excess energy out of your body, hold a Quartz point with the tip pointed toward the ground.  This will allow excess energy to be directed and released into the Earth to be recycled into something new. If you need to draw energy into yourself, point the tip toward you.

 Quartz acts like an energy amplifier.  If you are working with another crystal and you want to boost its energetic properties, pair it with a piece of clear quartz.

Quartz is an excellent tool to use for meditations.  I like to gaze into quartz that has a lot of “stuff” going on inside it.  This internal activity gives my eyes a point of focus and helps filter out environmental distractions as I allow my mind to drift and then become still.  As I gaze into the quartz, I will allow my gaze to become soft so that I am aware of only the quartz and my breath.