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About Kay

Kay Langley is a Crystal Intuitive, Teacher, and Guide. With over two-decades of direct experience working with and studying crystals, Kay has an integrated knowledge and vast understanding of the Crystalline World. She is the founder and administrator of the Crystal Intuition Community Facebook Group as well as the co-creator and administrator of the public Crystal Intuition Community Facebook Page. She is also the creator and co-contributor for the Practical Crystal Magic Facebook Page. She has also been a featured guest speaker in private Facebook groups where she has had the opportunity to share her wealth of knowledge with different members and subscribers all around the world.

She has been actively teaching crystal courses since 2003, sharing her wisdom and intuitive messages with several thousand students online and in-person throughout the Southeast region of the United States. She has taught in the Southeast’s premier crystal stores including, Phoenix and the Dragon (Atlanta, GA) and Forever And A Day (Woodstock, GA). She has also offered her teachings to several different magical circles and has offered private crystal mentorships online and in person throughout the past 15 years.

Kay has a background and advance study in Astrology, Meditation, Tarot, Numerology and other magical and mystical schools of thought and philosophies. She has had the privilege of studying directly with leading teachers and guides including Grandfather Yellow Horseman and Lyn Hammond-Gray.

Kay has also navigated successfully between the magical and mundane worlds for over 20 years. In her earliest years, she worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse. After receiving her Bachelors of Science degree, she served as the Director of an inpatient/outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program as well as the Intake Director of an eating disorder program. She was also the Business Director and the Lead Business Instructor at Meadows College of Business. She later transitioned her focus and acquired a Master’s Degree in Management, with which she established a career for herself as a Sales Analyst in a Fortune 100 company.

Kay enjoys connecting with her crystals, playing her guitar and piano, gardening, and rescuing elderly and medically fragile dogs from shelters. In fact, a small percentage of your course subscription will be used to support Kay’s mission in building an in-home rescue sanctuary for elderly and medically fragile dogs.

Kay is dedicated to walking the Crystal path and sharing her wisdom with anyone who feels the call to join her along the journey. Kay’s passion and desire is to support others in embodying their own Crystal Intuition.

The Crystal Intuition Circle is a membership designed for everyone desiring to expand their knowledge base working with crystals. Whether you are seasoned and experienced crystal lover, or you just recently purchased your very first crystal, this membership will support you in awakening your intuition and natural abilities so that you are able to intuitively connect and communicate with any crystal, gem and mineral along your path.